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5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Furniture & Save Money

Everyone has a favourite piece of furniture in their home or workplace. And if you want to keep that item in stunning shape, it is extremely crucial that you take care of it well. With this your furniture can last for years while you might not need repairing emergencies. This can save you good money in long run. 

From protecting your furniture from environmental damage to cleaning it in the right manner, here we have listed few care tips to keep your furniture forever beautiful.

  1. Dusting Regularly

The dust your furniture gathers will depend on how and where you use it, but the general rule is to dust it frequently. A gentle, dry microfiber cloth should be used to dust furniture made of plywood.

If you want to prevent scratches, never use rough, abrasive, or wired cleaning pads on plywood furniture. Dust your entire home at least once per week or more frequently as required.

Your furniture’s joints and crevices accumulate grime, lint, and filth over time. These are more persistent than dust and, if disregarded, can alter the colour and texture of the furniture. Therefore, it’s crucial to often brush regions with a soft brush to eliminate food fragments, dirt, and other debris.

  1. Protection from Sunlight

Some furniture is made of strong and resistant material and remains as new with some basic maintenance. One of these includes not exposing the furniture to direct sunlight and extreme heat. This will eventually harm the texture and dull its lustre.

So try to keep the furniture in your room where it does not get direct sunlight. If that is not an option, use curtains or other cladding to decrease the intensity of light and heat falling upon it.

  1. Oiling and Polishing

To be in good condition, your wooden furniture has to be given a little tender loving care from time to time. Make sure you oil and polish your furniture regularly. A natural beeswax furniture polish is usually better. This adds a shiny appearance and provides a protective layer, enhancing the overall appearance of your furniture. Furthermore, it eliminates any excess polish build-up for a gleaming and clean surface that highlights the grain of the wood.

  1. Invest In Furniture Covers

Your furniture may last longer with covers. They have the ability to protect your furniture in a way that no other approach can.

Nevertheless, not everyone would benefit from doing this like those who plan to use their furniture frequently, at least. 

However, for people who plan to leave their furniture unattended while they are away from town for a long period of time. It does help in terms of longevity. Your furniture can be shielded from dirt and, most importantly, the sun by using furniture coverings.

  1. Keep Pets Off the Furniture

Every pet owner is familiar with how wonderful it is to spend a lazy afternoon cuddling on the couch with their furry friend. That’s not the best thing for your furnishings, though. Parents of small puppies and kittens are well aware of the potential damage a teething pet can do to furniture.

Pets could potentially harm the furniture; especially if it is an upholstered material. If you are aware that your pet is constantly focusing on a few certain areas. Then add some bordering protection. There are virtually invisible transparent ones on the market which you can replace them as necessary.

Bonus Tips

Follow the below care tips to protect your furniture from damaging –

  •  Avoid putting wood furniture in laundry or humid areas.
  • Keep your home at a constant temperature.
  • Don’t let your house become overly dry.
  • Avoid letting water directly touch wood surfaces.
  • Never let moisture build up between a wood surface and a piece of glass. 

These are just a few techniques you may use to preserve the appearance and fragrance of your furniture all year long. But mishaps do occur. It’s time to call the qualified professionals when your beloved piece of furniture sustains a scratch or gouge, or when you forget a coaster and a water stain appears.



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